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A Guide to Independent Medical Evaluations


The purpose of this guide is to provide you, the Examinee, with general information about your Independent Medical Evaluation at Dynamic Functional Solutions Inc., and to answer any questions that you may have about some of our policies as they relate to you.

Dynamic Functional Solutions Inc. is a National provider of Independent Medical Evaluations to Insurance Companies, Employers, Disability Case Managers, and Government Agencies.  Our commitment to exceptional customer service, professional integrity and superior quality of services, is the cornerstone of our business.  Our company’s Person-Centered Philosophy encourages our employees to go beyond a client’s expectations and ensure that the people we serve are treated with kindness and fairness, and that they are informed of what to expect while receiving services from Dynamic Functional Solutions Inc.  

Our company’s mission statement guides our employees to ensure that our client’s receive unparalleled service:

To uphold a high standard of professional integrity while providing quality health care services with impartiality, compassion, and respect for the needs of persons served.

What is an Independent Medical Evaluation?

You have been referred to our company for an Independent Medical Evaluation.  This is a common service where a professional opinion is sought for a third party process such as an application for insurance benefits, or in respect of workplace issues, attendance in educational programs, or legal proceedings.  Your insurance provider, employer, lawyer or disability provider has referred you to Dynamic Functional Solutions Inc. for an independent evaluation, which we have arranged with an Evaluator who has not been involved in your care previously and will not be involved actively in providing care to you afterward.  The Evaluator is objective and impartial.  The referral source is responsible for the cost of the evaluation.  

Our Independent Medical Evaluations are conducted in a private and comfortable assessment environment.  The Independent Medical Evaluation typically includes a review of your clinical data (provided to us by the referral source, and/or legal counsel, including your medical history and supporting documentation), as well as a clinical interview and an examination conducted by the Evaluator.  A final report of the Evaluator’s findings and opinion will be provided to the referral source.  

Who can participate in an IME?

Dynamic Functional Solutions Inc. is committed to provide quality professional services in a courteous and compassionate manner without discrimination based on age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, marital status, political affiliation or opinion, physical or mental handicap. 

Examinees under the age of 18 are considered Minors and are required to be accompanied by an adult chaperone for the evaluation. 

Many examinees are limited in their activities consistent for the reasons why they have been referred for an Independent Medical Evaluation.  Every measure will be taken to ensure participant safety throughout the evaluation.  

Dynamic Functional Solutions Inc. conducts Independent Medical Evaluations on participants with varying degree of acute and chronic medical conditions.  Dynamic Functional Solutions Inc. will ensure that the most appropriate and qualified evaluator is selected to conducted your evaluation.

Prior to an Independent Medical Evaluation for the purpose of identifying behavioural and/or psychological impairments, if a risk is identified, any requests for reasonable accommodation by either the examinee or referral source will be made to ensure successful completion of the evaluation.  An evaluation of this nature will be terminated at the discretion of the evaluator if an identified risk affects the credibility of the participant or the psychological status of the participant deteriorates.

When restrictions in evaluation participation arise for examinees due to struggles of balancing daily demands of work, home, and personal life, Dynamic Functional Solutions Inc. strives to accommodate examinee requests for appointments when reasonably appropriate with their schedule.

Who will conduct your Independent Medical Evaluation?

Based on your injury or condition, your insurance or disability provider has requested that you be examined by a qualified and regulated health care professional that is knowledgeable and experienced to comment on your specific injuries.  Dynamic Functional Solutions Inc. can assure you that every evaluator on our roster must meet a minimum set of standards, which is strictly enforced and audited annually. 

What can you expect from an Independent Medical Evaluation?

As an Examinee participating in an Independent Medical Evaluation, it is important that you have a clear understanding of what to expect during an evaluation.  Upon entering an evaluation you will be greeted by the Evaluator who will explain the purpose of your assessment.  You will be provided with important information about your evaluation and will be asked to provide informed consent to participate.  Once the evaluator is satisfied that you understand the purpose of the assessment and that you have provided informed consent to participate, the Evaluator will proceed to conduct the Independent Medical Evaluation. 

Generally, the Evaluator will ask you to provide information about your history, which could include medical and other details, information about your accident/onset of injury or condition, your current symptoms, and any other details relevant to your claim, injury, and purpose of the evaluation.  You will be asked to participate in an examination and/or testing if applicable. 

If you require any information or have questions for the Evaluator, please feel free to ask at the time of the evaluation.  If you require a break or need to use the restroom, please let the Evaluator know. 

To ensure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed, at the completion of the evaluation, we ask that you provide feedback and comments about your experience, anonymously in an Examinee Survey.  This survey can be accessed through our company’s website at www.dynamicfunc.com.



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