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Evaluator Resources

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What are Evaluator Resources?

In order to serve our evaluators better Dynamic Functional Solutions Inc. provides open resources made available online with easy access. These include consent forms and secure methods of transferring data via the internet.

Document Exchange

Dynamic Functional Solutions Inc. has adopted two new portals (SecureDocs and SmartSimple) that allow for private and secure transfer of sensitive information. 

I.      SecureDocs

SecureDocs is a closed portal system that provides audit tracking, meaning IP address of the individuals who download the document is apparent, allowing for specific security protocols to be fulfilled.  In addition, the date and time, as well as the frequency with which the file is accessed are tracked for the administrator.  This helps to verify that the file has been successfully downloaded.  Information being transferred is safe and virus free.

II.    SmartSimple

SmartSimple is a closed portal that can only grant access to users within the software.  There are universal tracking applications that allow for audit tracking purposes.  When information is being sent an encryption key will be stored directly for the end receiver.  This means that the only way the information can be de-encrypted is by having the end user receive the documents; anyone else trying to open the documents that were not intended to open it will be prohibited.

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